During the trip to the island of Lanzarote, the photographer Lucilla Bellini poetically interprets the collection of the designer and artist Valeria Scoppa. Mixing landscapes and details of nature

with iconic images of the models, TEXTUS (buy it) emerges, a book of images that tells about this fusion between the natural elements and the unique and timeless creations of the Abissi brand Abissi.

a project by

by Valeria Scoppa
Lucilla Bellini



Helena Llabrés Fontán
Simona Trizmova

Hairstyle & Make-up

Carlos Montesdeoca
Gabriel Arriola Bravo

Special thanks to:

Kypros joyería by Síbisse Fayna
Cerámica LAKUIN
Natural dye fabric by Nathalie Leturcq

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, April 2018

Guillermo Vázquez Zamarbide

Argentinian painter and architect living in Tenerife

Alto de Guamaso

A spectacular view of the grandeur of nature crossing the Teide National Park
Lupe Castro wearing Paloma Suarez photo by Claudia Maturana

Paloma Suárez

The darling of the Canarias fashion scene, who spread her wings and made it on the international arena


Inspired by the work of Erwin Blumenfield and Horst P. Horts with a touch of Guy Bourdin” the fashion story represents the glamour of Hollywood in other context.
Ol-tom artesanal wooden surfboard in Tenerife

The carpenter of waves

We dive with Ol'Tom into the world of surfers and whales, an Italian architect who designs and manufactures handcrafted surfboards in Tenerife.
Interview Diego Lorenzoni Star guide for Maka magazine

A tour to the stars

Discover the unique night sky over Tenerife with Diego Lorenzoni stellar guide
Fashion editorial Lucilla Bellini Abissi


The latest collection of the brand Abissi lensed by Lucilla Bellini

Majanicho, a hidden gem in Fuerteventura

On Fuerteventura there is such a place - the village of Majanicho. You can reach it by a lonely path through a lunar landscape where goats cross your steps.

Avant-garde wood

David Sánchez from Tenerife reinterprets the profession of instrument maker by bringing artistic and emotional elements into the craft of instrument making.