Paloma Suárez


Apart from the now world-famous shoe designing prodigy Manolo Blahnik, who hails from La Palma, 25 year-old Paloma Suárez is one of the first real fashion designers to come from the island and reach international acclaim for her raw and indisputable talent and her unique signature look. I first met this bright young rising star back in 2016 at The Isla Bonita Love festival in La Palma, but testament to her blossoming success, her collections have also been shown at Paris Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid as part of the EGO Showroom for young talents in fashion.
She also showed her first fashion film at World Fashion Week Expo Paris 2016, featuring her incredible designs inspired by her island home.
Suárez now lives in Madrid, where her atelier is quickly gaining renown and each new collection solidifies her reputation as the darling of the Canarias fashion scene, who spread her wings and made it on the international arena.

25 year-old Paloma Suárez is one of the first real fashion designers coming from La Palma

This Friday October 26, Suarez is showing some of her new collection, WHO I AM, at the Isla Bonita Moda project at Casa Salazar in Santa Cruz de La Palma.
As always with her designs, the collection reflects her emotional state.
WHO I AM has a distinct youthful energy and playfulness and features a number of pieces with a vibrantly colorful, tropical foliage and floral print, teamed with fun T-shirts and hoodies printed with statements such as Who I Am, I Believe in Angels and I Want to Believe. Off-the-shoulder crop tops with bolero-style sleeves in bright pink, orange, pastel purple, royal blue and red give a Spanish vibe, while sequins embellish some of the looks.
The collection is all bright colours and statement pieces, for dynamic women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.
Further proof of her talent, singers Chloe x Halle chose Paloma Suárez designs to perform at the BET Awards in Los Angeles in August. Looks like this designer has a bright future ahead of her.

Styling by Raül Rodriguez Gonzalez
Photos by Claudia Maturana

Lupe Castro wearing Paloma Suarez photo by Claudia Maturana
Lupe Castro wearing Paloma Suárez hoodie photo by Claudia Maturana

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