Majanicho, a hidden gem in Fuerteventura


Even if it’s getting less and less,  they still exist.
hese places where someone seems to hold the hand of the clock.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with all its worries, commitments and constant distractions. Hidden corners on this planet, where life is still fine.

On Fuerteventura there is such a place – the village of Majanicho. You can reach it by a lonely path through a lunar landscape where goats cross your steps. At the end of the path, an idyllic jewel awaits you at the northernmost point of the island. At first sight it seems deserted. But the impression is deceptive, because there is life here. The real life.

In Majanicho you will find sun and weather tanned tables next to the sea, ideal for eating fresh fish and tapas with friends and family in the evening. Small children playing on the natural beach. Houses that break conventions through pragmatism and yet have more charm and attention to detail than some luxury villas.

Majanicho is proof that beauty and happiness are not always found in opulence and pushiness. Rather, it is a tribute to simplicity and authenticity. Here you are one with the beautiful nature and enjoy every day the essentials, not the unnecessary. A dream come true of a life full of sun, beach and sea.

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