Ione Domínguez
“Artistic creation puts my broken parts back together”

Art and culture

We met Ione while he was painting his latest mural in el CEGA
(Polígono industrial de Granadilla).

How do you define the artist Ione Domínguez?

As someone who has something to say, who wants to paint and communicate. Any person from any place, lover of physical and mental journeys and movement.

You started with graffiti about 2005 and then went on to mural painting. How did this change come about and why? 

That came from my restlessness to learn more. I was driven by curiosity (and the police punishments) and so I decided to learn more about other forms of work, contexts, techniques and materials and find a concept that wasn’t just about painting wildly. Everything has developed very progressively.

Nevertheless I still paint graffiti from time to time. I still respect the culture that brought me to what I am now.

¿What does creation mean to you?

A vomiting. The artistic creation reassembles my broken parts. It gives me stability.

If I don’t create anything for several days, it can frustrate me. It doesn’t always have to be painting on a wall or canvas, sometimes I enjoy drawing a few lines in my sketchbook even more.

What’s your working method?

I make sure that I first read something about what I want to say (a little more every day and that makes me feel good). I make a few sample drawings or take photos and studies, shaping my ideas.

Your works reflect a lot of poetry and magical realism. What are your influences and what inspires you when you start painting?

I am inspired by my friends, the people I greet on the street, the little moments in a bus or at an airport. It inspires me to observe. My influences come from literature, theatre, rap, painting or orthodox graffiti. To name a few, Julio Cortázar, Federico García Lorca, La Lupe, Héctor Lavoe, Henri Matisse, Egon Schielle, San, Aryz, Mart, Os gemeos, Nas, Silvio Rodríguez, Keny Arkana, Nirban. Many pioneers who play with life on their tracks.

Where do you think your work will develop? Do you see yourself in other areas besides the murals?

Good question! Sometimes it makes me a little afraid to fall too much into abstract and hard to understand things. But I let myself drift. I know that everything leads me to where I want to be at all times; I don’t want to stagnate. But yes, I would like to work in the theatre, to focus a little more on watercolours and relay painting, sculpture or theatrical fashion and architecture.

Do you think that urban art is treated with respect compared to other types of art?

I think there is a boom that is looking for the spectacle. Many cities are currently looking for spectacular murals in their streets. But when we talk about urban art with a concept, serious content and fundamentals, I think there are not so many interesting things. In fact, I don’t think that real urban art gets good recognition. But urban art, which guarantees the spectacle

and the rapid transformation of the city, does. At least as far as propagandistic levels are concerned, even if the working conditions are not fair.

¿What experiences have you had while working on the streets?

Many. I think my personality has adapted thanks to these experiences over the years, ranging from absolutely justified hatred to cries of joy.

Is there an interesting project in sight?

Some. I can’t tell you much yet, but I hope they will inspire. 🙂

If you could wish for what people think when they discover a work of yours on their way home, what would it be?

I don’t like to be biased about such things. I would simply wish that they would think positively about me and, of course, that they would think of something cheerful and moving, something even more positive.

Thank you very much, Ione.

I thank you for bringing energy and movement to the Canarian culture.



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