Fashion story by David Rodríguez

Hollywood” (2019) is formed by a series of portraits of minimal characters, in which the simple compositions stands out. The models pose in a sensual and elegant way under a surreal air.

The artist describes the new proyect as “inspired by the work of Erwin Blumenfield and Horst P. Horts with a touch of Guy Bourdin” and represents the glamour of Hollywood in other context.


Photography by David Rodríguez. @davidofficialclub

Models: Daniel Eleazar @eleazardani Virginia Díaz  @keyvirken Daniela Fernández @nanielafernandez Camila Hoyos @camilahr_ Camila Hoyos y Daniela Fernandez
Make-Up Artist: Julia Brito  @_juliabritocarmona
Hair: Jonathan Díaz
Outfits: Diazar Atelier @Diazar_atelier
Accessories: Julia Brito  @juliabritotocadosycomplementos
Photography assistant: Miguel García @mineggp
Model and brands belongs to Isla Bonita Moda @islabonitamoda


Born and raised on the island of La Palma. For many people this may sound like something exotic, but for him it has always been something “normal.” Although he admits that living surrounded by water can be unique, determining the way of thinking, acting and therefore creating.
After studying Psychology at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife), he went to Valencia where he lived and worked for 10 years. It was there that he discovered the world of photography. Although he had always been attracted to the world of art in general, it was not until 2013 when he began to study this artistic discipline.

He currently combines his work as a psychologist with photography.

Meticulous until exhaustion, David Rodríguez does not like improvisation or leave anything to chance. “I plan each of my sessions conscientiously, to the last detail. I start my creative process from an idea, which can be a concept, a lyric of a song, the sequence of a movie or some photograph that I have seen. This initial idea is evolving until it takes shape. ”

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Inspired by the work of Erwin Blumenfield and Horst P. Horts with a touch of Guy Bourdin” the fashion story represents the glamour of Hollywood in other context.

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