Dailos Correa, a Phoenix of Fashion from La Gomera


Correa is a young millennial and fashion runs through in his DNA.

When I am in the Canaries, every morning I wake up to a view of the island of La Gomera. Of the seven islands that form the Canary Islands archipelago, it’s one of the smallest in size, but the richest in environment and nature, with 600kilometres of secret walkways… Doesn’t sound like the best kicking-ground for a fashionista, however, mysteriously from this beautiful rather secluded island a Phoenix of fashion has appeared in the shape of budding young influencer Dailos Correa.

Whenever I think of him the word Brutal  and the label Balenciaga ‘come to mind.  Brutal because he is only person I know who infuses the word with real passion and belief. And Balenciaga because he chose to order a pair of their sneakers directly and believed they would arrive at his village. Surprisingly they did!  Customs in the Canaries is notorious! 

La Gomera is more on the hippy trail than the fashion scene.
But I like his philosophy, and somehow, I think he will manage it!

Since he was unable to find the course he wanted in the Canaries, he decided to study online for a more direct and easier solution. Sounds simple right? But learning his craft in this way certainly took motivation and a dedication to follow it through.
While his private life is a mystery, his fashion is everything, but I wanted to dig deeper, so I asked him some questions to find out more. 
When asked what he currently considers himself, he told me that at the moment he sees himself as an influencer but with a view to pursuing blogging and publicity modeling in the near future.

And what about his plans to leave the island for Europe as most young talents in the Canaries do?
His response is that of course he has aspirations for future travels, adding hastily that he will always come back bringing with him everything that he hopes to learn abroad, in a bid to spread greater interest in fashion on the island that he will always call home.
It’s ambitious of course. La Gomera is more on the hippy trail than the fashion scene. But I like his philosophy, and somehow, I think he will manage it!

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Styling: Lupe Castro
Location: Hovima Santa Maria – Adeje
Men’s Swimwear: The Knot Company



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