Lupe Castro

creative fashion director, writer, and stylist

Lupe Castro is a renowned creative director, writer, fashion and lifestyle expert and a stylist to both emerging and established designers.
Lupe established her indubitable reputation in the industry as one of the first digital influencers, blogging under the alias of Ms Castro Rides. The blog records the travel diary of this stylish woman, including her travel reports; international fashion week articles; an insight into her creative direction projects; reviews of hidden boutiques, art openings and best restaurants in the world; and exclusive interviews with carefully selected designers.
She owns a vintage collections with some important 70,s pieces, Lupe is now curating , an e-commerce shop and a fashion event space, Fashion Space Art.
Lupe’s portfolio covers editorial features for leading magazines,

styling for private clients and commercial shoots for brands including National Geographic, America’s high-net worth magazine FAIRWEATHER, Spain’s MADE Now Magazine, la Provincia newspaper and a women travel en Mas Mujer Magazine. Lupe has styled catwalk shows for Pure, EcoLuxe, Futures 100, UK Aware and Molton House and works with global fashion brands to advise or style their imagery, look book shoots and campaigns.
Lupe is passionate about discovering the next generation of designer and supporting breakthrough talent, something that she has become renowned for all over the world. Lupe supports the ethical side of the fashion industry and her love of vintage and eclectic fashions defines her personal dress sense: beautifully quirky and original. Her knowledge and passion for the industry and charismatic personality means she is regularly invited to speak at events around the world.

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Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
October 1, 2019/by filippoadmin


Inspired by the work of Erwin Blumenfield and Horst P. Horts with a touch of Guy Bourdin” the fashion story represents the glamour of Hollywood in other context.
August 5, 2019/by filippoadmin

Majanicho, a hidden gem in Fuerteventura

On Fuerteventura there is such a place - the village of Majanicho. You can reach it by a lonely path through a lunar landscape where goats cross your steps.
May 9, 2019/by Lucilla Bellini
Art and culture

Ione Domínguez
“Artistic creation puts my broken parts back together”

We visited Ione while he was painting his latest mural in el CEGA.
April 17, 2019/by Lucilla Bellini
Art and culture

Avant-garde wood

David Sánchez from Tenerife reinterprets the profession of instrument maker by bringing artistic and emotional elements into the craft of instrument making.
March 25, 2019/by Lucilla Bellini
Art and culture

Tipos en su tinta

We have all heard of Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press. But did you know that Tenerife still prints like the 15th century? This masterpiece of technique and patience is the meticulous work of two passionate typographers: Matthias Beck and Lars Amundsen...
December 28, 2018/by filippoadmin
Art and culture

Guillermo Vázquez Zamarbide

Argentinian painter and architect living in Tenerife
December 21, 2018/by filippoadmin

Alto de Guamaso

A spectacular view of the grandeur of nature crossing the Teide National Park
December 19, 2018/by filippoadmin
Art and culture

Polynesian tattoos on the Canary Islands? Meet Roberto Gemori

The History of Tenerife, the Hawaii of Europe and a Preserver of Polynesian Art
December 14, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini

Samelo Veg, healthy gastronomic destination

An Italian couple triumphs with its philosophy of healthy living in a small restaurant in Abades. Discover with us a vegan referent in Tenerife
November 27, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini

The enchanted forest

The "Parque Rural de Anaga", an ancient wood that survives intact since 40 million years.
November 5, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini
Lupe Castro wearing Paloma Suarez photo by Claudia Maturana

Paloma Suárez

The darling of the Canarias fashion scene, who spread her wings and made it on the international arena
October 25, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini
Art and culture

Víctor Jaubert – A Canarian illustrator

a Canarian illustrator with a very own style, based on his memories from the 60s, 70s and 80s – in addition to those from his own childhood. El viajero del Faro interviewed him for Maka.
October 19, 2018/by filippoadmin
Ol-tom artesanal wooden surfboard in Tenerife

The carpenter of waves

We dive with Ol'Tom into the world of surfers and whales, an Italian architect who designs and manufactures handcrafted surfboards in Tenerife.
October 6, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini
Interview Diego Lorenzoni Star guide for Maka magazine

A tour to the stars

Discover the unique night sky over Tenerife with Diego Lorenzoni stellar guide
October 2, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini

Dailos Correa, a Phoenix of Fashion from La Gomera

Young millennial Fashion Influencer
October 1, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini
Fashion editorial Lucilla Bellini Abissi


The latest collection of the brand Abissi lensed by Lucilla Bellini
October 1, 2018/by Lucilla Bellini
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