MAKA is an independent Fashion, Lifestyle, Art & Culture Blog and Magazine based in the Canary Islands. Beside being Spanish and part of the European Union, the Canary Islands also belong to the Macaronesian Islands.

The name is derived from the Greek words for “The Fortunate Isles“, a term used by Ancient Greek geographers for islands to the west of the Straits of Gibraltar. The term “Macaronesia” served as origin for our name MAKA, as we are indeed fortunate to be living in such exotic and diverse surroundings, that many of us consider their own little paradise. However many visitors and sometimes even inhabitants do not know about all the variety and beauty the Canary Islands have to offer. There are so many places, aspects and people worth knowing, that it seems impossible to discover them all. That is where MAKA comes into play.

MAKA would like to tell and transmit stories related to the Canary Islands with a different perspective. We present relevant topics such as art, culture, fashion, food, travel and lifestyle with our own eyes – the eyes of people, who live in the islands since birth or by choice and who strive to enjoy their atmosphere every single day. Therefore MAKA is not any blog and magazine about the Canary Islands. We offer an alternative and selected guide to the most interesting and appealing things happening in the islands – created by people, who have lived there for many years and are versed in the local life.

We want you to see and experience the real Canary Islands.

Welcome to MAKAronesia!